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Shipping & Delivery

KS Kustoms is a web design platform that offers web services. Therefore, we do not offer a service/ physical product that has to shipped. A purchase kit is delivered via email the day of booking. Please see service turnaround time for more information in regards to product delivery.

Turnaround Time

KS Kustoms works extremely diligently to meet all customer deadlines, as they are made known. When a service is booked, we assure clients are made aware that their service will be produced in 3 - 7 days (this timeframe solely is based on the immediate delivery of content).

Privacy Terms & Conditions

When booking with KS Kustoms, one must know that personal information will be collected. All information retrieved is private and will not be released to any parties outside of this site. The information given is for service rendering, site creation & setup, & any possible technical support or difficulties. If you proceed to book with us, you are agreeing to our terms. 

Returns & Refunds

KS Kustoms offers a service and not a physical product, so we are currently not accepting any returns. Due to the tediousness of our work, we are currently not offering service refunds at this time.

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